Practical Computing Skills Seminar

2010-11-21 13:00 - 16:00
MFFC Centre - 1151 Denison St., Markham ON

Ease your worries about using your computer. Come and join this seminar for an
afternoon of fun while learning about what you can do with this wonderful technology!

We will address some of the common questions including:

• Where did my pictures and files go?
• How do I attach and send a document to my email?
• How do I make my pictures look better?
• People say, "just Google it". What does that mean?
• Can I talk to other people long-distance for free?
• Can I send text messages to my family for free?
• What’s so special about Facebook or Twitter anyway?
• When they say, “Apply on-line”, how do I do that?
• Can my computer catch a virus?

Get all the answers you wanted to know about using your computer and more!

Pre-registration is required. 
Registration Fee: $5 for members/$10 for non-members.
To register, contact: 905-294-9350

Please click here to download the flyer.