The Man behind MFFC - Alejandro (Alex) Chiu

By Karen Tan

We at the Markham Federation of Filipino Canadians (MFFC) are deeply saddened with the passing of our founding patron, Alejandro Chiu, fondly known as Tito Alex. There are many achievements during his tenure as a Councillor for Markham for 33 years. There are numerous fundraisers organized through him which has benefited thousands of people. We all know how much he worked hard for the success of fundraising events he organized to raise the funds he aimed for.

At MFFC, we are truly saddened by his passing because he was much more than just the man who fundraised. He was the face behind our group, the other half of Tita Alice and father to Cherrie and Christopher. He was the force behind the strength of our organization that started in 1989 and MFFC would like to continue his legacy. He led the annual Philippine week/flag raising and celebration as well as the purchase of the MFFC centre property.

It was a personal relationship that the MFFC had with Tito Alex. Election times were exciting because MFFC members helped distribute flyers in Ward 8 of the Markham area. Election night was gathering at Tito Alex’s home with food and friends together watching the votes results and being the first ones to shout our congratulations every time he won. MFFC events and parties were where he silently watched over everyone having a wonderful time. The few times he delighted to take the stage were when he talked about his passion for various causes and his subtle jokes when he talked about his wife and daughter. We all shared his family’s sorrow at the passing of his son, Christopher, because we are a very tight knit community at MFFC.

Tito Alex will be missed immensely by our members and family. We not only lost an outstanding member of Markham, sadly we lost our Tito. Rest well, Tito Alex.

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