MFFC Annual General Meeting

MFFC Centre - 1151 Denison St., Units 10 and 11, Markham


1. to read and/or circulate the:

  • minutes of the previous annual meeting
  • review the operating highlights and financial results of the Corporation
  • approve audited financial report and appoint auditor
  • report of the unfinished business from any previous meeting of the Corporation
  • report of the Chair of the Board
  • discuss and ratify constitutional/bylaws changes
  • Such other items of business as the Board may determine.

2. to elect Board of Directors


Members in good standing as of the date of election are entitled to vote and be voted on or appointed for office.

Candidates for Director shall be of majority age, sound mind, an experienced leader in the community, and a regular member for the last 3 months. Elected directors shall hold office for a term of 4 years.  Appointed directors shall hold office for 2 years.

If unable to attend, please appoint in writing another regular member as your proxy.  Proxy form is attached.  Your proxy must present the letter at the meeting. 

Coffee/tea and snacks will be served after the meeting

Further information  call: 

Minda Reyes – 416-493-7227     Ester Toribio – 905-294-9350    Rusty Muere –  905-479-2482