Cultural Heritage Centennial Project

This project was in partnership with Association of Cavitenos in Canada and the Knights of Rizal. Celebration of Filipino Cultural Heritage project was a series of seminar-workshops to showcase Philippine History and Culture and the project was carried out from May 1997 and culminated on June 12, 1998 in time for the celebration of the centennial anniversary of Philippine Independence. The project aimed to:

  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of the glorious past of the Filipino nation;
  • Promote appreciation of the contribution of great Filipino men and women to the cause of freedom;
  • Provide access to materials on the life and works of the Filipino national here, Dr. Jose Rizal;
  • Foster pride for the Filipino identity among Filipino Canadians through an understanding of our heritage; and
  • Appreciate that the Philippines was the first democracy in Asia.
    The topics of the series of workshops were about exploring the Philippines, traditions and values, Rizal’s works, profiles of great Filipino men and women both past and present and centennial declaration of Philippine Independence and its History.