Markham Youth Mentorship Project

In June 2000, with a $5,000 funding from the Town of Markham under their “Celebrate 2000” Markham project, MFFC embarked on a youth mentorship project. The overall goal of the project was for the Filipino Canadian youth to develop a healthy relationship in the family, school and community environments. That was achieved through the various activities that the youth themselves identified as being beneficial to them. They had arts program in the form of choral music, drama and dance. They had tutoring in math, reading and special education. They had leadership and communication skills workshop and in the area of sports, they had a bowling tournament. The mentorship project had provided many opportunities to the students and the community to work together. The project was commenced in August and the last event was held in December 2000. Within a very short period of time, a total of 10 mentors and 45 students from age 10 – 20, including a special needs student, learned assertiveness, good communication and leadership skills, techniques of producing a play and performing on stage, bowling skills, good sportsmanship and team spirit, academic skills, choral singing. The mentors and the menthes appreciated the benefits of the mentorship program. The objectives were met within the budget and the time frame established.